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BuddhistChaplains.org is dedicated to developing the field of Buddhist spiritual care. The information and connections here support people who provide Buddhist spiritual care, and their colleagues, as well as those who considering entering the field of chaplaincy. The site was conceived and developed by Jennifer Block, a Buddhist chaplain in San Francisco, in consultation with several of her Buddhist chaplain colleagues. It was launched to the public in March 2011.

Buddhist Chaplains.org does not seek to spread a dogma or promote a particular form of Buddhist chaplaincy, but rather to act as a hub from which a mandala of skillful means, community support, and development might grow.


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BuddhistChaplains.org intends to be a central, ever evolving resource to chronicle the work of Buddhist chaplains, while providing mindful commentary and plenty of information. Your suggestions and content contributions are welcome by emailing us or by leaving a comment in Community Posts.

With your participation and content contributions, this website will become a place to collect the stories, lessons, and wisdom garnered from providing spiritual care from a Buddhist perspective. Whether you are a Buddhist chaplain working somewhere like a hospice or in the military, someone who teaches meditation at a prison, a chaplain of a faith beside Buddhism, or someone who is curious about this work and might want to engage it somehow, we welcome you to make use of the information contained here.


All comments in Community Posts are moderated. Comments are deleted as deemed necessary when found to include inappropriate or disrespectful content. If you find a comment offensive, please email contact@buddhistchaplains.org to have it removed.


Images and articles are used under public domain. If one used here belongs to you and you do not wish it to be, just contact us and we will remove it immediately.


Currently there are no advertising opportunities at Buddhist Chaplains.org


No actual money exchanges hands via this website, nor is any monetary gain being sought at present. It has been created as a practice of generosity.


A deep bow of acknowledgment and gratitude to www.buddhistchaplainsnetwork.org, the pioneer website whose creators have encouraged Buddhist Chaplains.org to further their efforts in creating acommunity for Buddhist chaplains.

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May any benefit arising from this effort serve to alleviate the suffering of all beings: those near and far, above and below, seen and unseen; beings with 2 legs and 4 legs, wings and fins, born and yet to be born. May all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful, may all beings realize their Buddha Nature.


Wise Words

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank

Our community
includes people who:

  • serve in healthcare, education and military settings
  • bring Buddhist meditation to people in jails and prisons
  • apply Buddhist teachings in social justice work
  • study and/or teach Buddhist spiritual care
  • wish to understand the work of Buddhist chaplains
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