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31-10-2012 12:07
Susmita Barua ( United States ) smita61 <at> gmail <dot> com
I am very appreciative of this site as I am exploring various aspects and kinds of buddhist chaplaincy. Are there Buddhist chaplains in academia? Like to know about them and their daily work. Thanks for the Resource Library. Peace & joy
20-01-2012 09:55
andy ( st paul mn , usa ) canoeandy <at> gmail <dot> com
hi. would like to start a buddist chap. program but am not in a position to move beacuse of family and work. any non-traditional programs anyone can think of aside from uropa. please share ideas. thank you. andy
25-07-2011 21:37
Holly Hisamoto ( Los Angeles , USA ) hollyhisamoto <at> gmail <dot> com
I am studying to become a Buddhist chaplain in hospice / end of life care settings. I currently enjoy a student membership with the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC). If anyone is interested in pastoral resources regarding death and dying, or for working with grief and loss, I am happy to share resources.
13-05-2011 13:40
Alan Urasaki
There are many Buddhist ministers that have served as chaplains in law enforcement, fire, and with other emergency responders on the local level. Can we include these chaplaincies as well? Thank you.
29-04-2011 08:24
Sean Thompson ( Colorado , USA ) dhammajivaka <at> iobm <dot> org
The International Order of Buddhist Ministers is having an ordination ceremony May 21, 2011 at 230 pm at the Rosemead Buddhist Monastery in the Los Angeles area.
I would like to invite all interested to attend this great event.
31-03-2011 04:29
Alan Urasaki
25-03-2011 15:55
secundra beasley ( , USA )
I second Monica's request. I would also like a spot for those of us who are starting the process "through other means" ex: I am volunteering as a pastoral care volunteer at a local hospital. The academic portion is put on hold due to family matters but I am working all the other steps necessary to apply to a program. Thanks.
24-03-2011 16:34
Monica Sanford ( California , USA ) monica <dot> mostly <at> gmail <dot> com
Hi Steve, Can you add a category to the Chaplain Directory for students? I think it might be useful for folks who are looking to start studying for chaplaincy to be able to find people who are already students at the institutions they are looking into. I've had a few people get in touch with me precisely for this purpose, so I figure it might helpful to make myself available through multiple channels. But I don't want to claim more credentials than I already have, such as a degree or CPE training. If that's possible, I'd love it. Thanks!
23-03-2011 23:27
Steve Goodwin ( San Francisco )
Welcome. What do you think?

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